Motivation is the reason for one’s actions, willingness and goals. Motivation is one’s direction to behaviour, a force that acts behind the motives. An individual’s motivation may be inspired by others or events (extrinsic motivation) or it may come from within the individual (intrinsic motivation). Motivation has been considered as one of the most important reasons that inspires a person to move forward.

Associate yourself with groups that promote health. Read motivational biographies, stories and quotes. Listen to motivational songs. Honour your life by living to the fullest. Only you can make it happen. In two weeks, you will feel it. In four weeks, you will see it and in eight weeks, you will hear it. There is no better time than now to start living healthy. Do not give yourself a deadline.

Healthy living is a lifestyle, in fact, it is appropriately called therapeutic lifestyle and it does not stop when you reach your goals.

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