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Silambarasi Sivaji
Thu, 17 Neurosciences & Spinal Disorders

Hi I’m here to share my experience in MGM Health care. my mom was in very bad condition while we admitted her in MGM hospital she was unable to talk , walk , sleep, swallow, cry we were speechless we have no idea what to do, finally after admitting in MGM hospital and had a consultation with Dr .K Sridhar, he is an amazing person he explained about my mom condition clearly, he clearly explained all our doubts, she was hospitalized for more than 20 to 30 days. Doctor told us that your mom will become like a normal person like all of us, she will walk, talk, laugh, cry, swallow. Exactly after few days she started talking first than all kinds of activities become normal. Thank you so much for saving our happiness for our lives, we are nothing without our mom Sridhar sir team is amazing special thanks for Vincent, Saravanan, Diyanesh, ICU nurse Gopi, Suriya, Senthamizh, Doctors – Dr Ponniah Vanamoorthy , Dr Anu, Physiotherapist Dr Praveen. each and every one in his team treats the patient like family… Sridhar sir we will be thankful for rest of our lives. Thank you so much for saving my mother life. I am very happy to post this. Thanks a ton!

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