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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery at MGM Healthcare

The Department of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery uses the latest advances in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery to provide compassionate and skilled treatment to patients in need of a reconstructive surgery or who need cosmetic transformation. Our team of specialists include aestheticians, facial plastic surgeons’ cosmetic dermatologists, gynaecologists, vascular surgeons and plastic surgeons. Our surgeons work together to create customised care plans depending on the patient’s unique goals and needs. Top end latest medical and surgical equipment aid our specialists to ensure that our patients receive the best possible results and solutions to their cosmetic and regenerative needs.

The Department of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery at MGM Healthcare focuses on two important aspects of plastic surgery – cosmetic or aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Working with a multidisciplinary approach, plastic surgeons are integral during most trauma surgeries to aid in reconstruction of damaged skin and muscles, to minimise the scarring as a result of the trauma.

  • Employment of the latest developments in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Key role in trauma surgeries to aid in facial and body reconstruction

Plastic and reconstructive surgery can help people of all ages – from a child born with a cleft lip/palate to an adult unhappy with their physical appearance.

A plastic surgeon might be needed for the following reasons.

  • Cleft lip/palate correction in affected children
  • Removal of an old scar or a tattoo
  • Full-thickness skin graft for deep wounds
  • Tightening of facial skin, especially while ageing
  • Physical augmentation of nose, lips and breasts
  • Correction of craniofacial anomalies (birth defect)
  • Skin grafting in burn injury cases
  • Replacement of skin and muscle is cases of severe damage
  • Injection of facial fillers for a younger look
  • Treatment of acne and wrinkles

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeries we do

Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reduction
Cleft Lip & Palate
Craniofacial Surgery
Hand Surgery
Open Ventral Hernia Repair
Post-Bariatric Body Contouring
Body contouring
Facial cosmetic surgery
Botox® injections
Cellulite treatment
Chemical peel
Dermal Fillers
Peripheral nerve surgery
Hernia and abdominal wall surgery
Wound healing
Vaginal rejuvenation
Chin lift
Cheek lift
Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)
Facelift (rhytidectomy)
Forehead lift
Hair transplantation
Lip augmentation
Lower body lift
Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
Thigh lift
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Upper arm lift (brachioplasty)

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    At MGM Healthcare, we have some of the best plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons in Chennai on-board who are committed to your safety and privacy and will recommend only those procedures that are going to be the most beneficial. They have an open and honest discussion with you about your goals and concerns and design a treatment plan that will help achieve the results you desire. We understand that changing your appearance through cosmetic surgery is a big decision and what you are looking for is achieving a unified natural look that will complement your overall appearance. Right from your first consultation, through your surgery and recovery, our team is committed to making you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your treatment. We strive to provide a stress free and relaxing environment conducive for your recovery. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle is looking for cosmetic or reconstruction surgery the Department of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery at MGM Healthcare is here to care for you.

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