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Welcome to the Institute of
Liver Diseases, Liver Transplantation and HPB Surgery

MGM Healthcare, a 400-bedded quaternary care hospital in the heart of Chennai city, proudly introduces its Institute of Liver Diseases, Liver Transplantation and HPB Surgery. Spearheaded by one of India’s leading liver transplant surgeons Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan as its Director, the institute has been set-up with the vision to utilise the latest in technology, innovation and medical protocols to treat diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary system.

This comprehensive programme offers preventive, medical, interventional and surgical treatment of these diseases. Of these is liver transplantation, also called hepatic transplantation, recommended for patients in end-stage chronic liver failure who have shown no response to other treatment. Liver transplants are performed with either a living donor, where a portion of the liver is donated, or a deceased organ donor.

Besides the treatment of hepatopancreaticobiliary conditions and transplantations, our unit also supports combined transplantations, like liver+kidney and liver+heart transplants. Once a patient is recommended for liver transplant, they are registered with TRANSTAN and NOTTO and are put on the organ waiting list, where there is preferential organ allotment. Following the latest protocols and supported by advanced technology, our experienced team of hepatologists and transplant surgeons are here to help you manage and treat any disease or condition of the hepato-pancreatico-biliary system to greatly improve your quality of life.

Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan

Senior Consultant & Director


Our programme at the Institute of Liver Transplant and HPB Surgery at MGM Healthcare is driven by experienced doctors, advanced technology and medical equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities. All these culminate to serve one purpose alone, to provide patients with a better quality of life.

While the idea of a transplant can be frightening, it is a routine surgery today, with close to 90% chance of survival in the first year. In fact, experienced doctors suggest transplant as a treatment option 80% of the time, given that patients fit the eligibility criteria. It is strongly believed that earlier the transplant, the better the outcomes.

Be advised, after transplantation, regular follow-ups and lifelong immunosuppression are mandatory for the success of the transplant. With this, patients can return to leading a normal social, intellectual and sexual life. Having said that, research is ongoing to find an alternative to transplant and, to do away with lifelong immunosuppression medicines. I hope to see this day soon.

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