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Level 1 trauma centre, located at the the heart of Chennai equipped with 24*7 availability of senior consultants and super-specialists.

Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine at MGM Healthcare

The Department of Emergency Medicine at MGM Healthcare provides timely intervention and treatment to patients coming with an emergency condition due an illness or injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Understanding that in an emergency, time is of essence, our emergency department remains committed to the rapid assessment and management of such patients. We make this possible by leaning on our core principles which are Triage, Assess and Intervene.

The Department of Emergency Medicine is a multidisciplinary department that provides treatment and care to emergency cases and life threatening accidents. Our mission is to save lives through timely patient-centred emergency care driven by innovation and practice-evidence based emergency care.

The department is backed by specialists and super specialist that care for the patients 24*7. The response, action and treatment initiation time of our team is at par with international standards of patient management. The definitive care is initiated in less than 2 minutes. Our approach is three tiered.

  • An ER physician will see the patient, optimize the patient and shift the patient to resuscitation. If required, a specialist consultant will be brought in to check on the patient as well.
  • Transfer of the critical patient depending on their specific condition and state.
  • Stable patient is seen by ER consultant and speciality doctors. They are kept under constant and continuous monitoring by the ER nurses.

Each patient receives medical assistance that is at par with the global benchmarks. The team works in tandem with experienced and skilled Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Orthopaedic surgeons, Pulmonologists, Emergency physicians and Nurses to provide each patient the best possible treatment and care.

Services Offered

24*7 Service
Dedicated Emergency Beds
High-end Emergency Operation Theatre
Decontamination Bay
Paediatric Bay
Resuscitation Bay
Isolation Room
Fever Clinic
Isolated Covid Care Emergency

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    We are with you in your journey to better health

    Any emergency happening in your family becomes your highest priority. It’s our priority too, to support you in your golden hour of need. MGM Healthcare offers Level 1 trauma centre, located at the heart Chennai equipped with 24*7 availability of specialists and code blue team. We are home to the finest emergency and trauma care in Chennai and you will get the best possible emergency or trauma care from the region’s finest physicians and surgeons

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