Best MultiSpecialty Hospital for International Patients in Chennai

Welcome to MGM Healthcare

A state-of-the-art, super-specialty hospital in the heart of Chennai city in India, MGM Healthcare redefines the patient experience across all parameters, through expertise, technology and a green building facility. This quaternary care hospital has 400 beds, 100 ICU beds, 250+ doctors, 12 Centres of Excellence, 30+ departments, 12 operation theatres and 24×7 emergency care.

Patients are at the core of everything MGM Healthcare aspires to do, and we intend to revolutionize patient experience by taking medical services back to principles of kindness and goodwill, paired with excellence and intelligence. The combined expertise of an experienced team of surgeons, physicians, technicians, nurses, paramedical, administrative and maintenance staff ensures highly personalized care of the finest quality.

Every aspect of our campus reflects an ethos of healing, from the city’s tallest vertical garden to the use of music therapy in critical care areas to thematic art galleries on each floor celebrating various facets of Tamil Nadu. The ground-plus-11-floor facility is also optimally designed to provide a comforting ambience, which holistically incorporates energy-efficient practices to further widen the scope of the ‘Healthcaring’ concept to include environmental sustainability.

Why Choose Us?

No matter which part of the globe you are in, we are here to help bring you back to good health.

Our range of facilities is designed to ensure that you are always put first and receive the best possible care, safety and comfort.

Your health is our priority

When you come to MGM Healthcare as an international patient, we will make you feel comfortable and supported throughout your stay. Our goal is to help you return to your home country, and back to your life, in good health, as quickly as possible. Patient experience matters to us the most and you are at the core of everything we do.

A home away from home

Travelling to another country, and outside your comfort zone, may be a little stressful for you and your family. We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands and are receiving the best possible treatment. So, we go the extra mile to ensure that we provide a very seamless and personalized care and services.

Personalized Care

Let us focus on the details right from your very first contact through your visit and back home, so that you can focus on healing and recovering. We have a team of multi-cultural and multi-lingual international coordinators, who work with you very closely throughout your journey and provide you personalized attention and care.

Our Facilities

Designed for better patient experience and safety

We provide primary to quaternary care under one roof staffed with a team of eminent surgeons, physicians and technicians across 30+ specialities. We provide superior inpatient accessibility and care, voice assisted technologies for 24*7 in-room care and information access, IoT connected first of its kind critical care facilities, instant access to patient records and care plan for faster recovery and transparent in-room billing and online payments. We are India’s first platinum LEED certified hospital facility and an environment friendly solar powered green hospital that cares for a better tomorrow.

Spread over 3.5 lakh square feet in an expansive 2.5 acres campus at the heart of one of the leading metro cities (Chennai) in India.
400 beds with 100 critical care beds, 55 outpatient consultation rooms, 12 operation theatres, 250+ doctors, 30+ departments and 24x7 emergency care.
A car park facility for 300 vehicles within the hospital campus for a hassle free and seamless parking experience.
20+ years of commitment to public health. We take pride in our excellent reputation in medical research and teaching
4,60,000 + Patients Treated every year. Our research institute has a strong legacy and track record for patient care.
Renowned medical experts are working together for improving care outcomes with technology assisted personalized medical care.
We provide a comprehensive range of specialties under one roof led by a multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists.
We are a team united in our commitment & driven by an altruistic approach to improve life through outstanding healthcare.
Holistically designed counselling rooms for both patients and their families during the critical times.
Voice-assisted technologies for 24x7 in-room care, information access and frequent and easily accessible lifts for commuting across floors.
One of the few hospitals which have extensive ICU Charting System that helps in continuous real time monitoring of patients.
Our nursing, paramedical, rehabilitation and other support staff work closely with our doctors to provide a very personalized experience and care.

Our Concierge Services for
International Patients

Our team at the help desk offers warm hospitality towards our patients, their family and their acquaintances. All support staff are trained in soft skills to make your process of health care at ease. Services include escorts, medical care coordination, language support, concierge help and information. Services at Helpdesk include:

  • Provide Information
  • Assistance to do registration
  • Assist in scheduling appointments
  • Medical/Non-Medical Coordination

Patient Centricity is what MGM Healthcare believes. Deeply rooted in its value, the hospital understands the communication between the caregivers and patients impacts patient care, thus MGM Healthcare offers language assistance to the patients whose preferred language is other than English. Cultural support officers who speak Russian, Arabic and help patients with the end-to-end communication. Along with this, on special request and availability, other language assistance will be provided.

The centre is responsible for any sorts of questions and inquiries that concern Travel Services. The services include:

  • Hotel Reservation (To your choice of hotels)
  • Responsible for Air tickets for both domestic and International (Rerouting, reconfirmation, revalidation, change of dates and new tickets)
  • Transportation / Commuting service to the airport or other destinations if required.
  • Local tour services (Half Day / Full day / Evening dinner & Entertainment)

Travel During Covid

We understand the difficulties in travelling during these uncertain COVID. We have taken utmost steps to prevent COVID infections. All the staffs at MGM are vaccinated.

The bubble at MGM strives to create a COVID free zone.

We request the patients and their attendants to be vaccinated for their safety.


Before Travel
  • Kindly make sure you follow proper airline guidelines and protocols
After Travel
  • Please wear mast, gloves and head gears.
  • Kindly follow proper social distancing

We're Here to Help

We understand the needs of international patients and families. Our international coordinator will welcome you and assist you in multiple ways. Right from scheduling your appointments, planning your travel, booking your accommodation, arranging for medical visa, verification of insurance, our coordinators will be your point of contact throughout your visit and help you navigate our health care system to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. We have outlined the steps below as you plan your travel and treatment at MGM Healthcare