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Artificial Large Blood Vessel Reconstruction

Thu, 8 Liver Transplant

Mr. Ali Sami, 34 years old from Jordan, came to MGM Healthcare, Chennai for his treatment for ‘Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH)(recurrent propensity for clotting and lysis of blood) and Budd-chiari syndrome (BCS) characterised by obstruction of hepatic venous outflow and inferior vena cava reaching upto heart and end stage liver failure.

Doctors in Jordan recommended him to travel abroad for his further treatment and a possible liver transplant. Patient after having research in Europe and other countries finalised the team of doctors at MGM Healthcare Chennai for his treatment.

Analysing the complexities involved in this case, the experts from MGM Hospital took a multidisciplinary approach, including liver transplant surgeons (Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan, Director, Liver Transplant, Dr Karthik Mathivanan, Associate Director Liver Transplant), cardio thoracic surgeons(Dr KR Balakrishnan, Chairman, Heart Transplant) haematologists, liver anaesthetists and critical care specialists( Dr Dinesh babu and Dr Nivash C) and hepatologists and devised a unique treatment protocol for the patient.

“The patient’s brother donated a part of his liver after ascertaining the absence of genetic disease. Before and after surgery, the patient underwent multiple courses of monoclonal antibody therapy(Eculuzimab) to keep the clotting and hemolysis at bay. A combined living donor liver transplant with replacement of the inferior vena cava with a synthetic Dacron graft* was done. It has been four months since the procedure and the patient was doing well. The team of doctors are planning a bone marrow transplant to cure his genetic illness.

Last week, Mr Ali & his family members went back to Jordan, where his family and relatives welcomed him with open arms and were over-whelmed to see him in a healthy state and he has now resumed back to normalcy.

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