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Second Opinion Program at MGM Healthcare

Our second opinion program and consultation help you bring back peace of mind you deserve!

If you have received a diagnosis and a treatment plan and would like to have another opinion, our second opinion program can help you make an informed, confident decision about your medical care. You may sometimes find out about treatment options that you did not know were available to treat your condition. In some cases, the information that you gain during your second opinion consultation may even change your diagnosis and hence the treatment plan. Through our second opinion program you will have easy access to world-class medical expertise as we have some of the best physicians and surgeons on-board across 25+ specialities. You will be connected to an expert doctor who specializes in your specific health needs during your second opinion consultation. There are two ways to take a second opinion consultation from us.

Visit our experts in-person:

If you would like to come down to our hospital and personally consult with our doctors to discuss about your current diagnosis or treatment plan, simply request an appointment with the doctor. Visit our hospital, consult with our experts and take informed decision.

Get an online second opinion

An online second opinion gives you a convenient, secure and timely way to get answers to your questions about a diagnosis or treatment plan. You can consult with the same doctors online through a virtual consultation by requesting for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you need a second opinion?

A second opinion from MGM Healthcare, can confirm your diagnosis, help you understand your treatment options and confirm the recommended treatment.

When do you need a second opinion?

It would be good to take a second opinion:

  • If you have received diagnosis for cancer or blood related disorders
  • If your diagnosis has changed and/or if your care provider recommends a new treatment plan
  • If you are unclear with your diagnosis and/or treatment plan proposed,
  • If you are faced with complex medical treatments and options
  • If you have undergone treatment but your symptoms still persist
  • If you are diagnosed with a rare or complex disease
  • If the recommended treatment is risky, involves surgery, is invasive or has lifelong consequences.
  • If your gut feeling tells you that something is not right about your diagnosis or treatment
Why choose MGM Healthcare for a second opinion consultation?

Easy Access: We offer a very seamless digital experience, through virtual consultation, thus saving you the time, effort and hassle of traveling for a second opinion. However, if you wish to consult the doctor in-person for a second opinion, you are welcome to visit our hospital.


Medical Expertise: Our team of physicians and surgeons are highly experienced and internationally renowned for their exceptional training and skill. You can be rest assured that you are in best hands and that you are receiving an expert second opinion you can trust.


Personalized approach: Our specialists review your health history, medical records, diagnostic reports and, any treatment plan proposed thoroughly. They take the time to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options in detail, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.


Timely service: Every day counts if you have been diagnosed with a serious or complex condition. In such cases, we go through your medical records right away in detail, review your case with our team of specialists across the required specialities and provide a second opinion consultation and report quickly so that you can taken an informed decision.


Multi-speciality care: We have over 25+ specialities and they collaborate and work in tandem to assess even the most complex cases.

How does the second opinion consultation work?

As a first step, you register for a second opinion by giving your contact details including your full name, email id and phone number. You will be asked to submit all your diagnostic reports, treatment plan if any. Your medical history and reports will then be studied thoroughly by our doctors. They will provide a clear medical guidance in the form of written report, addressing all your questions and concerns.

How long does it take to receive a second opinion?

We time frame by when you will receive a second opinion report depends how quickly we obtain all medical records relevant to your case and the complexity of the case, especially if it warrants a discussion with experts across multiple specialities. Most patients receive their second opinion report within a week or two, depending on the complexity of the case and availability of the specialist best suited to review it.

What should I do once I receive the second opinion?

Three scenarios may pan out. Our medical experts may agree with your original diagnosis and treatment plan. In such a case, it will certainly give you peace of mind that you are making the right decision about your treatment plan and care. It is possible that our doctors agree with the diagnosis but will provide a different treatment plan or additional recommendations to your existing treatment plan. It is also possible that our doctors may have a completely different diagnosis and will recommend a different course of treatment. In either of these outcomes and possibilities, post the second opinion consultation with us, once you receive the report, we recommend you schedule a time with your care provider to review the recommendations and work together to design the best treatment approach for your case. In case you plan to come to MGM Healthcare for further treatment, you will most likely consult with the same doctor who provided the second opinion. However, you will be treated by a panel of specialists required for your case and treatment plan.

Who chooses the doctor for providing my second opinion?

After reviewing your request for a second opinion and the medical records you have submitted, our experience team will determine which specialist at MGM Healthcare is best suited and appropriate to study your case and provide a second opinion. However, you can also request for a particular doctor, and we will do our best to see if the doctor can be assigned your case. Some cases, might warrant a discussion with a panel of doctors internally before we can provide a second opinion report.

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