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Laboratory Services & Blood Bank

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Laboratory Services and Blood Bank at MGM Healthcare

The Department of Laboratory Services and Blood Bank plays an important and integral role in the ecosystem of MGM Healthcare. The laboratory works around the clock to help specialists detect, diagnose and treat a patient. We employ the best of medical technology to increase productivity and precision of our tests making it extremely reliable.

The results of tests done by the Department Laboratory Services are responsible for 60 – 70% percent of all the diagnosis or treatment decisions made. Laboratory tests help in determining the presence, absence and the extent of diseases in a patient. These tests are also used to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and the progression of the disease. This makes it the department one of the most critical components of the MGM healthcare ecosystem.

Every specialist in the department of Laboratory Services and Blood Bank is very skilled and has years of experience. This allows them to ensure the generation of extremely precise and accurate test results. Our team is also kept up to date with the all the medical advancements and research to equip them with the skills necessary to handle a pandemic situation. We employ the latest technology and use some of the top end medical equipment available to make sure that our patients receive highly accurate results that are cost effective and accessible.

MGM Healthcare is a NABL-accredited hospital

The purpose of the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is to provide accreditation to testing and calibration of clinical laboratories in the country. It provides a third-party assessment of the quality and technical competence of labs. A hospital that is NABL-accredited provides the general public availing healthcare services in a hospital with an assurance of genuine reports from accurately calibrated testing, confidence in technicians performing the tests and overall satisfaction from the services provided. It is our duty to ensure that all your test results are accurate as it determines better patient outcomes and overall positive patient experience.

Blood safety measures that we take

The primary aspect of blood safety measure is to ensure that the donated blood does not cause harm. Our blood bank follows stringent SOPs and protocols to ensure safety and quality of blood and blood products used in our hospital is in par with clinical standards worldwide. We follow and implement stringent protocols while collecting blood, plasma and other blood components from donors. Once the blood is collected it is screened thoroughly for transfusion related transmissible infections, including HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis, other infection markers, blood grouping and compatibility testing, and systems for processing blood into blood products (blood components for transfusion and plasma derived-medicinal products), as appropriate, to meet health care needs. We recommend blood transfusion only when it is absolutely necessary and practice safer clinical transfusion protocols. Our staff is well trained in maintaining and assessing quality standards.

Scope of Services

Blood Banking
Transfusion Services
Clinical Pathology
Coagulation & Haematology
Microbiology & Serology
Cytochemistry & Flowcytometry
Cytopathology & Endocrinology
Histopathology & Immuno-Histochemistry

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    At MGH Healthcare’s Laboratory Services and Blood Banking, adherence to quality is non-negotiable because accurate diagnostic findings and reporting is crucial for correct diagnosis and clinical outcomes. We are a NABL accredited laboratory and comply with both national international standards of testing and reporting and adhere to good laboratory practices at every step of the process. We are housed with the latest technologies and diagnostic equipments that provide accurate test results. We use up-to-date machines and mechanized systems for specimen collection, tracking and testing. This enables us to provide test results with quick turnaround times. Our Blood Banking services ensure that any blood that is stored undergoes rigorous testing for infectious diseases before storage. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle is looking for laboratory and diagnostic services, MGM Healthcare is here to care for you.

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