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MGM Healthcare is one of the Best Multispeciality Hospitals in Chennai, Providing top multi speciality care such as Heart, Lung, Liver, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nuerology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Rebuild Hernia, ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Gastro Science, Rehabilitation Medicine, Emergency Medicine.


MGM Healthcare aspires to deliver outstanding patient experiences with world class expertise backed by next generation medical and digital technologies because you deserve the best of care and are at the core of everything we do.



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3 year old Russian boy Heart Transplant | MGM Healthcare Chennai
Jun 2022

Former Parliamentarian, 79-year-old Mr Kalasalingam Vigneshwaran from Sri Lanka, successfully undergoes surgery for thyroid tumour

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Sep 2023

Asia’s oldest recipient of Bilateral Lung Transplant”by the Institute of Heart and Lung and Mechanical Circulatory Support

Sep 2021

Mr Prateek Pal: Jaw bone tumour

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Sep 2021

Bilateral Lung Transplantation saved life of a 67 year old businessman from Chennai who contracted Covid-19

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Jul 2020

South East Asia's first-ever Artificial Heart Implant Heart Implantation on a 3 year old Russian boy

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Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Mr Ananth Narayan was admitted to MGM Healthcare three weeks ago for a Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery. He had come to MGM to consult with Dr Deepak Subramanian, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Minimal Access (GI) and Bariatric Surgery, knowing that he is one of the best hernia surgeons in Chennai. Mr Ananth shares that he has high regard for the doctor and that is the reason why he came to MGM.

He shares that he is very satisfied with the services and feels that after three weeks now, he is completely normal. His belief and confidence on Dr. Deepak Subramanian is what made him say that he is one of the best macroscopic surgeons in Chennai. Mr Ananth Narayan says that his experience at MGM Healthcare was well worth his time and money, and thanks the doctor.

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex

Mr Yash from Mumbai had suffered a triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) tear in his wrist. He found out about Dr Ram Chidambaram, Director, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Sports Injury at MGM Healthcare, who uses the latest technology nanoscope for the treatment and repair of smaller joints like the wrist. After having a few virtual sessions with the doctor, Mr Yash felt confident that this technology would help in a painless procedure. He travelled from Mumbai to Chennai to get it treated by Dr Ram Chidambaram. Mr Yash and his mother are both very satisfied with the service at MGM Healthcare and are thrilled to be pain-free and returning home.

Metastasized Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer

Mrs Madhavi Muralitharan had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer that had metastasized to the liver. She had 9 tumours occupying a major part of her liver. Such extensive tumour generally requires multiple surgeries to remove. At MGM Healthcare, Dr Thiagarajan S, Director, Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant & HPB Surgery, and his team decided to perform a complex, innovative and multimodal surgery to remove all 9 tumours in a single surgery. Before performing the surgery, a 3D reconstruction of the liver and the tumours was done along with the Radiology team to familiarise the approach of the surgery. She underwent post-operative biological tumour antibody therapy and cancer chemotherapy for 6 months.

MGM Healthcare Best Multi-Speciality Hospital in Chennai
MGM Healthcare Best Multi-Speciality Hospital in Chennai
MGM Healthcare Best Multi-Speciality Hospital in Chennai