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We are more than just a hospital – a corporate entity, a social institution and a healthcare brand. For information on any of the above, or for feedback and suggestions, at MGM Healthcare we are always happy to hear from you and assist you as best as possible. Please do get in touch with the respective departments to address your queries.

Contacting Finance

You can get in touch with the billing and insurance wing of the finance department if you have any queries, clarifications or need information about your treatment cost. The patient financial advocate will be happy to provide you the necessary information and clarifications and give you clarity on the transactions. They will assist you to track your payments, billing status and insurance settlement claims. The finance department at MGM Healthcare also handles internal finance management which includes, careful evaluation and financial planning, budgeting and reporting, accurate and efficient processing of transactions including salaries, accounts payable, etc, working capital management, financial risk management, maintenance of accurate and auditable financial records and compliance and financial statutory requirements. We adhere to global accounting standards, conduct regular audits and adhere to best practices which helps in maintaining the highest levels of transparency and accountability.

Contacting Supply Chain

If you are a vendor and would like to introduce your product to us, please get in touch with the supply chain department at MGM Healthcare. We are a crucial cog in the wheel of the hospital’s operations and contribute to the smooth functioning of the hospital. We ensure that all products, technical devices, medical equipments, pharmaceutical supplies and all other medical supplies used by the hospital are available at all points in time. This is achieved through accurate planning and management of all activities related to sourcing, procurement, stocking, conversion and logistics management.

We have efficient processes in place which helps integrate demands from all departments including OTs, outpatient consultations, emergency wards, intensive and critical care units, diagnostic laboratories, radiology, pathology, etc with purchase and stores so that resources are utilized optimally resulting in efficiency in cost management. Our aim to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and outcomes at a reasonable cost and in the shortest time possible.

Contacting Human Resource

If you would like to know about openings in the hospital across different verticals & functions, please get in touch with the human resource department at MGM Healthcare. We will be happy to assist you and evaluate if we are a fit for each other. The department is also the primary point of contact for employee information and assistance. We take care of employee requirements and welfare.

We work closely with all departments of the hospital to understand staffing requirements. We help hire the right candidate by putting together a job description, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews and finalizing the human resource. We conduct surveys and gather feedback on employee performance by undertaking frequent employee-assessment and help the organization hone the best talents and add value to their career path.

Email Id : [email protected]

Contacting Public Relations

If you are from the media and have any specific queries, requests for interviews and shoots, would like to schedule an on-site press meet, please get in touch with the public relations department at MGM Healthcare. We will be happy to assist you with the required information. We work closely with PR agencies, news, media and other agencies to further the interests of MGM Healthcare by providing official statements, data, news transcripts, information about rare and complex surgeries performed at the hospital by our medical team, opinions on matters of public health through our medical fraternity, etc. We are also responsible for the dissemination of publicity material, images, video footages and other such materials with MGM Healthcare’s copyright.

Contacting Administration

If you would like information on the overall operations, logistics and management of the hospital, including hospital facilities, parking facilities, SOPs followed for hygiene, cleanliness and maintaining a sterile environment, information on hospital timings and holidays, visitor policies and guidelines, patient information, information about our clinical departments and medical expertise, etc, please get in touch with the administration department at MGM Healthcare. We will be happy to assist you with the right information.