Best Covid-19 Protocols | MGM Healthcare Chennai

Covid 19 protocols

Your safety is our highest priority
During this Covid-19 global pandemic, we are committed to providing you a very trusted, safe and reliable environment and place where you receive the best possible care and treatment to bring your health back on track. We have taken several steps in addition to our standard rigorous infection control measures to make sure our facilities remain safe places for you to confidently receive care and treatment.

Safety Guidelines to follow before you visit

We continually review our safety steps as we monitor COVID-19 in our area. We encourage you to arrive early to allow extra time for some of our new guidelines. Here is what we require of all patients, visitors and staff, even if fully vaccinated:

  • Wear a face mask at all times –Masks are required for everyone age 2 and up when you are inside our care facilities, even if you are fully vaccinated. A mask will be provided for you if you need one. The following face coverings are not allowed: bandanas, gaiters, masks with exhalation valves, or clear shield-like face masks.
  • Additional protective equipments – Our staff members may wear additional personal protective equipment, depending on the care they are providing.
  • Practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet – We have measures in place throughout our care facilities to allow physical distancing, except when you are getting medical care.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently –You will find hand sanitizer stations throughout our care facilities, including at the building entrance and in clinical care areas. Your practitioners will sanitize their hands before and after caring for you.
Appointments that Require COVID-19 Testing
  • When you schedule for an appointment, procedure or surgery, you will be told whether you need to have a COVID-19 test. If you are uncertain, please be sure to ask.
  • Unless you show signs of COVID-19, in general, a COVID-19 test is not needed for: Regular office visits – Procedures and surgeries performed at our care settings outside of hospitals (OPD)
  • COVID-19 tests are required for some procedures at hospitals (including ones requiring deep sedation or general anaesthesia) and when an overnight hospital stay is required.
  • We are continually reviewing our COVID-19 testing requirements, including the role of vaccination, and will make further adjustments as it is safe to do so.
Signed Acknowledgement Form
  • As we reopen our in-person care, we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and efficient visit for you. This includes using telemedicine or other communication to enhance your safety.
  • MGM Healthcare is taking significant measures to reduce exposure to COVID-19; however, as in any community or public setting, an exposure risk remains.
  • It is important that you recognize these matters before your care. When you check in for your appointment, we will ask you to sign an acknowledgement form.
Screening and Vaccinations for MGM Healthcare Staff
  • All staff members at MGM Healthcare answer COVID-19 screening questions every day and attest that they do not have symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19 infection.
  • Anyone who reports symptoms is instructed to leave work immediately and report those symptoms to MGM Healthcare Occupational Health Services so they can be evaluated and tested for COVID-19 if needed. Employees are not allowed to work if they have symptoms, and they must be cleared by Occupational Health Services before returning to work.
  • In addition, MGM Healthcare is taking an essential step in protecting the health of patients, staff members and the surrounding community with a new policy requiring clinical and nonclinical personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Determining Care Partner and Visitation Levels

Care partner visitation guidelines help protect our patients, their care partners and our staff members by limiting spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The visitation risk levels are based on the number of COVID-19 cases in the community according to state and county public health information, as well as conditions in our healthcare environments. Please note: The clinical team may restrict visitation in certain cases of extremely immunocompromised or high-risk patients.

Care Partner Guidelines: What You Need to Know

A care partner for outpatient or inpatient visits may be a relative, partner, friend or anyone the patient chooses to have at their side during care. For inpatient visits, care partners must be 18 or older, except for those under 18 who are parents of patients. The number of care partners welcomed will depend on the area of the hospital and patient circumstances. Face masks are required to enter any of our care facilities and expected to be always worn. We will provide a mask if needed. Neck gaiters, bandanas, masks with exhalation valves, or clear shield-like face masks are not permitted to be worn as face coverings at MGM Healthcare facilities. Care partners will be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms through a verbal screening when entering the building or in advance by using the MGM Healthcare mobile COVID screening via smartphone.

Care partners will not be able to stay if they:
  • Are feeling sick
  • Have symptoms of COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms
  • Tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 within the last three weeks.
  • Have been advised to get a COVID-19 test but have not yet obtained one
  • Are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test
  • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.
  • Have been asked to be on home quarantine or isolation.
Please review the risk level guidelines for
care partner switches during the visit.
  • To prevent overcrowding in waiting areas, “care partner exchange” must occur outside the hospital.
  • Overnight stays for one care partner are permitted for adult patients in a private room if either the patient or the care partner are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot of a two-dose vaccine or two weeks after a one-dose vaccine.
  • Care partners must follow all safety precautions, even if vaccinated against COVID-19.