Mr.Prem Kumar from Sri Lanka noticed sudden enlargement

Mr.Prem Kumar

Wed, 26 Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery

Mr.Prem Kumar from Sri Lanka noticed sudden enlargement in his left ear. During examination, he was diagnosed with Leprosy. Doctors in his home country treated him for a couple of years but his condition didn’t change.

He opted for a second opinion, where the doctors found a vascular malformation which required surgery. He was then referred to MGM Healthcare, Chennai for his surgery. Under the supervision of Dr Lokesh Suryanarayanan, Consultant, Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery, MGM Healthcare Chennai, Prem Kumar underwent a successful two-stage surgery.

Mr. Prem Kumar is happy to see himself all hearty & healthy. He is thankful to Dr Lokesh & his team for their support, cooperation & giving him the hope of a better future. He also advises everyone to be cautious about health and get a second opinion if & when required.

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