Romana Triumphs Over Malignant Tumor at MGM Healthcare

Romana Triumphs Over Malignant Tumor

Tue, 4 ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

Romana from Kenya was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her voice box and severely affected vocal cords.

Under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty, Senior Consultant & HOD, Institute of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, MGM Healthcare, Chennai, a complex surgical procedure, an endolaryngeal radical excision of the tumor was performed on Romana. The surgery ensured that there is no recurrence in future.

Romana has now fully recovered and is in good health. Her voice box is functioning normally. She felt grateful to Dr Sanjeev Mohanty, his team & the staff of MGM Healthcare for their care, support and giving her voice back.

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