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Fidaa from Palestine

Tue, 28 Heart & Lung Transplant

Fidaa, mother of three from State of Palestine, was suffering from a life-threatening condition, lungs cirrhosis since 2013. She was completely dependent on medication to have a normal routine in her country. The local doctors in her country suggested her to undergo a lung transplant which was not available in her country.

The doctors then referred the patient to Dr. K R Balakrishnan (Chairman – Cardiac Sciences and Director- Heart and Lung Transplant Institute) at MGM Healthcare, Chennai.

When she was brought to MGM, she was at her worst and was in need of immediate need of transplant. She was registered with the local government for cadaver organ transplant and was allocated a suitable pair of lung for her transplant.

n 2 weeks post her transplant, she was out of hospital Fidaa and her husband were grateful that they chose MGM Healthcare and India for their medical treatment.

They were thankful to Dr K R Balakrishnan, Chairman – Cardiac Sciences, Director- Institute of Heart and Lung Transplant, Mechanical Circulatory Support, Dr. Suresh Rao, Co-Director-Institute of Heart & Lung & Transplant Mechanical Circulatory and Dr. Soumitra Sinha Roy, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Interventional Pulmonary and Lung Transplant Program for performing a successful lung transplant which gave a new set of life to Fidaa.

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