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Advocate Vikas Krishna’s

Thu, 17 Orthopaedics

Sometimes when all seems lost, hope arrives in the form of a quiet suggestion.

A suggestion that might turn out to be a momentous occasion. Advocate Vikas Krishna Rai’s story is similar. When he suffered from immense injury to both his legs after an accident, he underwent a surgery in his native Bangladesh.

However, tragedy struck, when he suffered from another mishap and his bones were broken again. It was at this juncture, when all hope was lost, that he received a suggestion to visit MGM Healthcare in Chennai, India, from a friend.

Dr. Sriram Krishnamoorthy made an expert analysis and suggested surgery with plates held together by nails.

Bolstered by the confidence and expertise – Dr. Krishnamoorthy successfully addressed every single query and concern of Mr. Rai’s – the patient underwent the surgery.

Today, he is well on the path to recovery.

And Mr. Rai is happy to recommend MGM Healthcare!

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