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3 Thoracic Transplants: Landmark Achievements

On December 8th, MGM Healthcare witnessed a landmark event by performing 3 thoracic organ transplants (2 heart and 1 lung transplant) from 2 separate donors to 3 recipients. One of the donors was in Chandigarh and the other in Vizag. Our teams travelled a whopping 6400 km in total, from Chennai to Chandigarh via Delhi and Chennai to Vizag, for Organ Retrieval. The 59-member team led Dr KR Balakrishnan and Dr Suresh Rao, consisted of 17 anaesthesiologists, 6 surgeons, 40 nurses and paramedics and 6 coordinators. Within 14 hours, the team was able to perform these three transplants and save three lives. MGM Healthcare would like to acknowledge and thank the families of the donors for their honorable decision during this time of great tragedy. We would like to assure you that you have made the right decision and have helped in saving the life of another human being. We would also like to congratulate our team of anaesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, paramedics and coordinators who worked tirelessly in setting this benchmark in the world of thoracic organ transplants.