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Pink October: Cyclothon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. In India, one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 4 minutes and one woman dies of breast cancer every 13 minutes. Since India has a largely young population, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer in that age bracket is expected to rise. In line with Pink October, MGM Healthcare along with INCG - Ithu Namma Cycling Group and India Turns Pink has organised a cyclothon to create awareness about breast cancer. The participants started from the Chennai Airport and cycled for 20 km. Dr Veda Padma Priya S, Senior Consultant, Breast Oncology & Oncoplasty, joined the troop and pedalled along. Breast cancer is unavoidable. It will happen if it has to. Breast cancer fatalities, on the other hand, can undoubtedly be reduced. And only by 'being aware' of breast cancer signs and reporting them on time can this be accomplished.