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From Our Medical Experts Paediatrics & Neonatology Tue , Nov 16
Dr Binu Ninan – Jaundice in New Born babies

Dr. Binu Ninan, Senior Consultant and HOD, Paediatrics and Neonatology at MGM Children’s, talks about jaundice in newborn babies and how to take care of them.

Dr Binu Ninan explains jaundice as the yellowing of a baby’s skin and eyes. He says that jaundice is very common and occurs in almost 100% of babies. The good news is that newborn jaundice usually resolves on its own as a baby’s liver develops and the baby begins to feed. Dr Binu Ninan also assures that a baby’s frequent passing of motion is not diarrhoea. A newborn baby passes motion after every feed. This might be about 20-25 times a day. There is no need to be worried.

MGM Children’s has the best paediatricians and expert doctors taking care of your child. It is essential to come back for a follow-up after a week of returning home and a couple weeks later as well to ensure healthy development of your child.

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