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From Our Medical Experts Mon , Aug 30
Dr Deepa Easow: Comprehensive care at MGM Children’s

Dr Deepa Easow, Senior Consultant, Paediatrics and Neonatology, addresses how important it is to have all the key specialties under one roof and how efficient and comprehensive it is at MGM Children’s.

Dr Deepa narrates an incident of a five-year-old child who came in with multiple episodes of urinary tract infection that had been treated at various hospitals. Under one roof, the pediatrician and the parents received the expert opinion of the nephrologist and the urologist. The entire medical investigation was done at MGM Children’s and the medical team obtained a diagnosis under 48 hours. It turns out it was not a simple urinary tract infection, there was something more to it and with appropriate and timely medical advice and treatment, the child was cured completely.

Having all these clinics under the same roof makes the process of diagnosis faster, which might be an important factor in saving lives. At MGM, we aspire to do more, better, every day.

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