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Dr Deepak Subramanian: Hernias 2

Dr Deepak Subramanian, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Minimal Access GI and Bariatric Surgery at MGM Healthcare, talks about how we take care of hernias at MGM.

Hernias are a common problem among individuals today and it’s important to know the cause of the hernia before treating it. This is because it is necessary to analyse what should be done to ensure that it doesn’t occur again. Dr Deepak talks about the case of Mrs Dhanalakshmi, who says that she was already treated for a hernia four years ago, yet it recurred. The team assessed in detail as to why the hernia is recurring and had to ensure that this would be the last surgery performed to treat the hernia. Dr Deepak performed a laparoscopic procedure and the patient was found to have weakened muscles, which is often a reason for recurrence.

At MGM Healthcare, we take utmost measures to identify the root cause of every single hernia and offer the right solutions so that patients recover as soon as possible. Mrs Dhanalakshmi shares her experience at MGM Healthcare and how quickly she is recovering from the surgery, just two days post surgery. She is returning home now and thanks MGM Healthcare wholeheartedly.

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