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Dr Deepak Subramanian: Hernias

Listen to Dr Deepak Subramanian, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Minimal Access (GI) and Bariatric Surgery at MGM Healthcare, talk about hernias. Hernias are basically the most common weakness or a protrusion of the abdominal organs through a defect or weakness in the abdominal wall muscle.

He further talks about the signs and symptoms, what happens to a person who presents with a hernia, the available treatment options and so on. Watch the video to know more about hernias and their treatment options.

At MGM Healthcare, the procedure is a day-care procedure, requiring just a day at the hospital. You can visit us in the morning, get your surgery done and be home in time for dinner. The department has a dedicated operating theatre fitted with laparoscopic equipment to perform minimally invasive hernia repair procedures.

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