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Cardiac Sciences From Our Medical Experts Wed , Jul 21
Dr Madan Mohan:IVL Lithotripsy

Listen to Dr Madan Mohan, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, talk about the IVL Lithotripsy technique used in Advanced Angiography. Patients with a block in the arteries would earlier have no choice other than bypass surgery. But due to their age, they are reluctant to undergo surgery. This procedure has been very comforting to the patients as it is minimally invasive.

A 79-year-old lady was brought to MGM with a breathing difficulty. She was taken to the cath lab, stabilised and intravascular lithotripsy procedure was performed. This showed an effect immediately, where the block was easily cleared using the balloon technique.

At MGM Healthcare, we believe in doing more, better to improve the care we deliver. Patient health and their recovery is our priority and with advancing technology, we are happy to be able to give the best options to our patients.

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