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Dr Ram Chidambaram: Elbow Dislocation

Dr Ram Chidambaram, Director, Institute of Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Sports Injury at MGM Healthcare, talks about elbow dislocation. He shares that elbow dislocation is a common injury and it’s the second most common type of dislocation after the shoulder.

The common practice for elbow dislocation is to put it in the plaster or splint support and offer mobilisation. However, it’s not the same for all the elbow dislocations. Some are complex dislocations. He further explains one form of injury called the terrible triad with a bone model.

The combination of radial head fracture, ligament tear and coronoid fracture with dislocation is known as the terrible triad injury. Common practice involves removing the radial head fragment while ignoring the ligament tear and the coronoid fracture is often neglecteddue to the complexity of the fracture. This leads to a terrible outcome with pain and stiffness of the elbow. However, terrible triads are no longer terrible.

As a specialist elbow surgeon with over two decades of experience and training in the UK and Mayo Clinic, USA, Dr Ram Chidambaram offers a complete solution to the problem. At MGM Healthcare, we have the best experienced doctors to care for your injuries and you can go back home pain free.

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