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From Our Medical Experts Internal Medicine Tue , Nov 23
Dr Shreevidya Venkatraman – Acute Diarrhoeal Disease

Dr Shreevidya Venkatraman, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at MGM Healthcare, talks about an important health hazard, diarrhoeal diseases. Acute diarrhoeal disease is the sudden onset of loose motion, with or without blood, watery, colorless/yellow in large quantity and associated with fever and sometimes with nausea or vomiting.

The doctor shares the multiple factors that trigger diarrhoeal diseases. She says the most common reasons are waterborne diseases from contaminated water, bad hand hygiene, contaminated food, etc. Most of the diarrhoeal diseases are viral, the most common in children especially is rotavirus. These viral infections are self-limiting. But some bacterial or parasitical diarrhoea continue to be present in the system and cause continuous diarrhoeal episodes till they are treated properly. This might lead to acute renal injury, renal failure, breathlessness and other serious conditions.

So, how do you prevent diarrhoeal diseases? The key is to maintain hygiene by keeping ourselves and our surrounding clean and following hygienic practices. If you are experiencing continuous diarrhoea with no effect to ORS, call us on 044 4524 2407 to book your appointment and get yourself treated as soon as possible.

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