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From Our Medical Experts Internal Medicine Fri , Nov 12
Dr Sivaraj P – Seasonal Infections: Dengue and Flu

Dr Sivaraj P, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine and Allied Sciences at MGM Healthcare, talks about the most common seasonal infections, dengue and flu. He explains the difference between them and implies that one should not ignore dengue, misinterpreting it as the flu.

Although both dengue and seasonal flu present with high-grade fever, the later is limited to runny nose, coughing and breathing difficulty. Whereas dengue is a much more serious fever also known as breakbone fever, presents with severe body pain, joint pain, headache, retro-orbital pain (pain behind the eyeball) and also rashes. Watch the video to know more about dengue and how to stay safe from the infection.

MGM Healthcare is equipped with all emergency measures, advanced technology and experienced doctors to help you. The rainy season often brings its share of diseases. Let’s follow simple measures, learn to identify the difference between the seasonal flu and a serious illness such as the dengue and act quick in case of emergencies. Call us on 4200 4200.

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