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Dr Suhasini – Nearsightedness in Children

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is the most prevalent refractive defect that develops during childhood. Close-range vision is unaffected but distant objects seem hazy in this state.

If a child has difficulty seeing things, they rarely report it. We understand that you want to find out about this issue as soon as possible as a parent. Some of the most common symptoms are squinting, clumsiness and low academic performance.

Many eye and vision disorders have no early signs or symptoms, so you may not even realise you have a problem until your eyesight starts to deteriorate. Periodic comprehensive eye exams are essential to maintain good eyesight and healthy eyes for this reason alone. Call us on 044 4524 2407 to book your eye check-up appointment now and for any ophthalmology emergencies, call 044 4200 4200.

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