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From Our Medical Experts Neurosciences Mon , Aug 16
Dr Vijayaraghavan: Myths on Spinal Surgery

Dr Vijayaraghavan G, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders, talks about some of the common myths regarding spine surgery. He says that whenever patients have been advised spinal surgery, they normally come up with three main concerns: Does one need prolonged bed rest after spine surgery? How long will it take to get back to a normal routine? What is the risk of paralysis?

Listen to him answer these concerns and bust all the common myths that are assumed by people whenever spinal surgery is advised to treat the patient’s condition. Dr Vijayaraghavan also explains the advanced technology and various navigation features – Neuro monitoring and Navigation – that have made spinal surgical procedures as accurate as possible today.

MGM Healthcare constantly endeavours to give best-in-class patient care by procuring and adapting to technological advancements. We ensure that the patient receives the best treatment option that will help them lead a good quality of life.

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