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From Our Medical Experts Mon , Jun 28
Mrs. Sasirekha – Bilateral Frozen Shoulder

45-year-old homemaker, Mrs. Sasirekha, was admitted with us with bilateral frozen shoulder. She had excruciating pain and severe restriction of movement in both shoulders, making her incapable of doing any regular activities. When all traditional non-operative measures failed in Mrs. Sasirekha’s case, Dr. Ram Chidambaram (Director, Institute of Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Sports Injury) and his team recommended and performed an Arthroscopic Release of the left shoulder and on the right shoulder, they performed a gentle manipulation under general anesthesia and gave a steroid injection.
She achieved a good range of overhead movement on Day 1, post operation, and had dramatic relief from the pain she had been experiencing for the past one year.
Mrs. Sasirekha is recovering quickly and after third day, post operation, she shows how easy it is for her to lift her hands, with no pain.
At MGM Healthcare, we always have the patient’s best interests in mind. We wish Mrs. Sasirekha a healthy recovery and a pain-free life ahead.

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