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From Our Medical Experts Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery Thu , Mar 24
Obesity – Dr Deepak Subramanian

Obesity is a common problem among people of this generation. The evolved lifestyle contributes to the increase in the number of people living with obesity. Dr Deepak Subramanian, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Minimal Access (GI) & Bariatric Surgery, talks about the various ways in which obesity can be approached.

The doctor shares that unlike a gallbladder or appendix issue, obesity is more about a person’s personal reason for being obese. He says that each individual’s obesity has its own pathophysiology, which has to be evaluated before deciding on a treatment option. Dr Deepak further explains the surgical method of weight loss in simple terms to help one understand how safe and minimally the procedure is. Watch the video to know more about weight loss and surgical intervention.

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