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3 kids with congenital deafness undergo cochlear implants

25 May, 2023

CHENNAI: As part of the Early Intervention Programme for Congenital Deafness, 3 kids with congenital deafness underwent cochlear implant surgery at a private hospital in the city recently.

The 3 consecutive surgeries that had anatomical challenges were performed in 24 hours.

Dr Sanjeev Mohanty, head of ENT, head-neck surgery at MGM Healthcare, successfully performed the cochlear implant surgery on children.

ENT experts say that early intervention plays a crucial role in children regaining their speaking abilities after a strong auditory verbal therapy training programme post-surgery. Cochlear implants allow individuals to experience sound for the first time and utilise the residual hearing capacity.

Dr Mohanty says, “Early intervention allows children to acquire language skills during the critical period of their development. Cochlear implants are a transformative solution enabling them to hear and speak.”

The implants used are MRI-compatible. Unlike earlier models, these implants feature a wireless sound processor, positioned discreetly behind the ear, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. Notably, the implants are functional even underwater and are equipped with bluetooth connectivity for seamless interaction with various devices. The use of rechargeable batteries enhances convenience and accessibility for patients.

Dr Mohanty adds: “The advanced technology in this surgery enhances the overall experience for patients and significantly contributes to their quality of life. The cooperation of the family is paramount along with a robust post-surgical auditory verbal therapy session for optimum outcomes.”




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