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40-year-old man gives life to five patients through organ donation

25 Apr, 2023


A 40-year-old male from Thindivanam was admitted to MGM Healthcare Chennai after he suffered traumatic injuries in a road traffic accident. During the course of treatment and despite the best efforts of the experts, he was declared brain dead on April 23, 2023. After an approved brain death certificate and thorough counselling of the family, they agreed to donate his organs in order to save the lives of a few individuals.

His lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart valves were retrieved by a team of experts at MGM Healthcare on 24th April. The lungs were transplanted in a 54-year-old male patient at MGM Healthcare, while the live, kidneys and the heart valves were allotted to other hospitals in the city.

MGM Healthcare extends sincere gratitude to the deceased’s family for the generous act of organ donation and hopes that more people come forward to pledge their organs in the future to save lives.







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