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Chennai pvt hospital performed HIPEC on end-stage cancer patient

5 Apr, 2023


A city-based private hospital treated a 54-year-old Kenyan National with advanced-stage colorectal cancer through surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). Experts stated that the HIPEC treatment certainly improves the longevity of life for the patient who has reached an advanced stage of cancer eliminating the chances of the cancer cells spreading to other organs in the body.

Specialists at MGM cancer institute did a detailed investigation to ensure that the cancer had not spread to the other organs after which the patient underwent surgery along with CRS-HIPEC.

“Most of the cancer patients do under-go chemotherapy, it will be offered as tablets or will be given in the form of intravenous medication (IV). In patients with such complications which are nearing the end-stage a simple tumour removal surgery alone will not be sufficient. Hence we decided to perform HIPEC,” said Dr. Balaji Ramani, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Surgical Oncologist, MGM Cancer Institute.


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