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Complex brain surgery to remove blood clot performed on newborn

21 Mar, 2023

A complex brain surgery was performed on a newborn, who had a blood clot compressing the brain stem and obstructing the normal flow of fluid in the brain, at a private hospital a few months ago.

According to a press release, the day-old baby was brought to MGM Healthcare’s neonatal intensive care unit from another hospital with drowsiness and refusing to feed from the mother. After examination and MRI, doctors found that the child had a huge blood clot in the brain.

L.S. Harishchandra, consultant neurosurgeon, specialist in paediatric, epilepsy and movement disorder surgery, MGM Healthcare, with support from the neonatal intensive care unit, headed by Binu Ninan, performed a two-step surgical procedure on the brain of the newborn to remove the blood clot.

Vital functions, such as breathing, heartbeat and maintaining a conscious state, are controlled by the brain stem. When this part of the brain is compressed, it affects all these functions. Dr. Harishchandra said performing any surgery on newborns was filled with challenges. The baby was doing well and is keeping up her developmental milestones, the release said.


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