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Fall Prevention Program

9 Jun, 2022
Fall Prevention Program

Taking simple steps at home can prevent fall of the elderly. Installing handrails and grab bars, using non-slip mats, improving lighting and repairing steps and flooring were among them, A.B. Govindaraj, director and senior consultant, Orthopaedics, MGM Healthcare, said.

One out of three adults aged 65 and above have a fall each year. A fall was the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries such as hip fracture, spine fracture and head injuries, he said at the launch of the hospital’s fall prevention programme on Thursday.

Noting that though falls were not natural, they could be devastating. Stating that they could be prevented, he stressed on the need to identify the risk factors. Slipping or tripping could occur due to loss of traction or loss of balance. Brittle bone disease and vitamin D deficiency could add to the problem of falls and fractures, he said.


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