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Green corridor – Pune: 55-Year-Old’s Organ Donation Saves Four Lives in Baner Hospital

19 Jan, 2024

Pune, 8th January, 2024: The family of 55-year-old Sunil Nigade Ji from Satara, who was declared brain dead at Manipal Hospital, took the brave decision of donating his organs on Friday. The patient suffered a brain aneurysmal bleed at a local hospital in Satara, where he was put on a ventilator to maintain oxygenation. For further treatment was brought to Manipal Hospital, Baner, on January 3rd. Despite the best efforts of doctors, his condition continued to deteriorate, and he was declared brain dead on January 5th, 2024.

The medical team of critical care department & Transplant Coordinator Ms. Reshma Kulawade counselled the family about organ donation. After receiving consent from the family, the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) was immediately informed. The officials from NOTTO quickly allotted the organs as per their waiting list. One kidney was allocated to a patient at Manipal Hospital, Baner, and the other was sent to DY Patil Hospital, Pune. The liver was sent to Shayadri Hospital, Hadapsar, and the heart was sent at MGM Hospital, Chennai. A Green corridor was created on January 6th, 2024 with support of Pune traffic police to transfer the heart.

Dr. Amit Dhakoji, Head of Neurosciences, Manipal Hospital, Baner, said, “We continued the mechanical ventilation and medical management to prevent an increase in brain swelling and seizures. On further evaluation, it was revealed that he is suffering from subarachnoid haemorrhage (Grade 4). Despite intensive treatment under the care of the neurosurgery and critical care teams, he could not recover and was declared brain dead on January 5th, 2024.”

Dr. Bhushan Nagarkar, Consultant and Head of Critical Care, Manipal Hospital, Baner, said, ‘The team worked closely with the patient’s family, providing them with the required information and support so that they could make an informed decision. The family agreed to donate heart, liver and both the kidneys of their patient.

The heart, liver, and kidneys were retrieved by the Expert team of doctors and transported for a successful transplantation. The family saved the lives of four patients in critical condition and gave them a new lease of life.” Dr. Anand Dharaskar, Consultant: Uro- surgeon & Transplant Specialist and his team performed the kidney transplantation for one at Manipal Hospital, Baner, Pune. Dr. Tarun Jeloka, Consultant Nephrologist & Head Renal Sciences & team supported the team during the entire.

Dr. Sonal Dixit, Regional Head- Medical Service, Manipal Hospital, Baner, said, “The family’s decision to donate organs made a difference in the lives of others. The legacy of the donor will live on through the lives he has saved. Donating one’s organs is a gift of life; it is an opportunity to give someone else a second chance in life. We strongly encourage everyone to think about organ donation and to register as an organ donor. We can save lives if we work together.”

There is a wide gap between patients who need transplants and the organs that are available in India. 1.8 lakh people suffer from renal failure every year; however, only 15,000 renal transplants are done. An estimated 25,000 to 30,000 liver transplants are needed annually in India, but only about 2000 are performed. Similarly, of several thousand people who suffer from heart failure, only 200 get a heart transplant.

The noble act of organ donation highlights the pressing need for organ donations in India, as there is a significant disparity between patients awaiting transplants and the availability of organs. Increasing awareness and participation in organ donation can bridge this gap and offer hope to countless lives in need.

About Manipal Hospitals As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is among the top healthcare providers in India serving over 5 million patients annually. Its focus is to develop an affordable, high quality healthcare framework through its multispecialty and tertiary care delivery spectrum and further extend it to out of hospital care. With the completion of acquisition of AMRI Hospitals, the integrated network will have a pan-India footprint of 33 hospitals across 17 cities with 9,500 beds, and a talented pool of over 5,000 doctors and an employee strength of over 20,000. Manipal Hospitals provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients from around the globe. Manipal Hospitals is NABH, AAHRPP accredited and most of the hospitals in its network are NABL, ER, Blood Bank accredited and recognized for Nursing Excellence. Manipal Hospitals has also been recognised the most respected and patient recommended hospital in India through various consumer surveys


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