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MGM Cancer Institute successfully treats 54-year-old Kenyan woman with end-stage colorectal cancer through HIPEC

5 Apr, 2023


MGM Cancer Institute, a part of MGM Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare service providers in Tamil Nadu, has announced that they have successfully treated a 54-year-old Kenyan National who was presented with advanced stage colorectal cancer through surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

The patient from Kenya arrived at MGM Cancer Institute during the month of March 2023 and was presented with end-stage colorectal cancer. Prior to visiting MGM Healthcare she had consulted different healthcare centres previously where she was denied treatment due to the complexity of the condition.

Specialists at MGM Cancer Institute did a detailed investigation to ensure that the cancer had not spread to the other organs after which the patient underwent a surgery along with CRS- HIPEC.

Speaking about the procedure, Dr Balaji Ramani, senior consultant and clinical lead, surgical oncologist, MGM Cancer Institute, said, “Most of the cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, it will be offered as tablets or will be given in the form of intravenous medication (IV). In patients with such complications which are at nearing the end-stage a simple tumour removal surgery alone will not be sufficient. Hence we decided to perform HIPEC. Here, we basically remove the tumour cells through surgery which is known as cytoreductive surgery (CRS) followed by HIPEC.

Pumping the chemotherapy drug into the abdominal cavity at a heated temperature of 42 degree celsius which is monitored using an intra-abdominal temperature probe, this inflow of liquid goes on for more than an hour. It impacts the micro cancer cells in the affected area. The chemotherapy medication directly reaches where the tumour cells are and doesn’t have the kind of systemic side effects that can come with traditional chemotherapy.

The 12-hour procedure was successful and the patient was under observation in the ICU for two days and was discharged in a week. This procedure was done by highly skilled surgical oncology- RECNAC Team which includes Dr Balaji Ramani, clinical lead – gynaecological oncology, Dr.Dhanasekar Padmanabhan, clinical lead – thoracic and head & neck oncology, Dr. Sivakumar Mahalingam , clinical lead –pelvic (Uro-Gynec, colorectal), musculoskeletal oncology & paediatric oncology, Dr Sivaram Ganesamoni, clinical lead – gastro-intestinal hepato pancreaticobiliary oncology and Dr. Veda Padma Priya, clinical lead – breast oncology, Dr. Nanda Kishore intensivist and anaesthesiologist along with the support and Dr M A Raja, senior consultant, medical oncology, director of oncology services.


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