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MGM Cancer Institute’s Dedicated De-Addiction Clinic To Offer Free Counselling Services For A Month

1 Jun, 2023


MGM Cancer Institute a part of MGM Healthcare on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day will be offering one month of free assessment and counselling services for tobacco de-addiction today onwards. World ‘No Tobacco Day’ is observed on 31st May every year. This year the theme is “We Need Food, Not Tobacco,” which highlights the importance of making healthier choices and embracing a smoke-free lifestyle. As an institution dedicated to cancer research and treatment, MGM Cancer Institute recognizes the critical role of tobacco cessation in preventing cancer and improving overall health.

The de-addiction clinic at MGM Cancer Institute will provide support and guidance to individuals who are determined to quit smoking. A psycho-oncologist will work closely with each patient and offer effective strategies to overcome tobacco addiction.

MGM Cancer Institute believes that adopting a nutritious diet can play a significant role in the recovery and well-being of individuals seeking to overcome tobacco addiction. The clinic’s comprehensive approach encompasses not only addressing the addiction itself but also promoting overall wellness through education and practical guidance.

Dr. M. A Raja, Director Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Director of Oncology Services, MGM Cancer Institute, said, “At MGM Cancer Institute, we are committed to create a healthier society by assisting individuals in their journey towards a tobacco-free life. Through this one-month free counselling program, we hope to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful recovery, while emphasizing the importance of healthy eating habits.”

The institution encourages all individuals who wish to quit smoking and embark on a journey towards better health to take advantage of this opportunity and join the one-month free counselling program.

Individuals interested in seeking deaddiction counselling services can contact MGM Cancer Institute’s de-addiction outpatient Clinic at 044-42515151 for more information and to schedule an appointment. The free clinic will be organised for 30 days starting from 31st May 2023 to 30th June 2023.


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