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MGM Healthcare announces successful completion of Brain bypass surgery on a 7-year-old child from Andhra Pradesh

22 Dec, 2022


Chennai, 22 December, 2023: MGM Healthcare, a renowned multi-specialty quaternary care hospital located in the heart of Chennai, proudly announces the successful completion of Brain Bypass (cerebral revascularization) surgery to treat a rare Moya Moya disease in a seven-year-oldchild from Andhra Pradesh. The rare condition, which is more common in the childhood age group, affects only about one in a million people.

Baby Shrividya (name changed) was brought to MGM Healthcare in September 2023 from Andhra Pradesh in a prolonged unconscious state after having multiple episodes of strokes and seizures. After a thorough investigation Dr. Roopesh Kumar, Director of Neurosurgery, Institute of Neurosurgery at MGM Healthcare and team performed a cerebral angiogram. The diagnostic procedure involves injecting dye into patient’s brain to visualize the blood flow, through this test, doctors confirmed the moyamoya disease diagnosis.

Moyamoya diseases is majorly identified in Children, in which the normal blood vessels in the brainare narrow and blocked. ‘Moyamoya’ means puff of smoke’ in Japanese and describes the appearance of tiny vessels that form to compensate for the blockage. The condition predisposes affected patients to ministroke, an aneurysm (ballooning of a blood vessel) or bleeding in the brain. It can affect brain function and cause cognitive and developmental delays or disabilities in children.

Dr. Roopesh Kumar, Director, Institute of Neurosurgery at MGM Healthcare along with his team of doctor’s including Dr. Saranyan, Consultant – Neurosurgery, Dr. Harish Chandra, Consultant Neurosurgery, Dr. Babu R, Consultant- and Dr. Rajesh Menon, Associate Consultant performed a bypass surgery in the brain to rebuild the blood circulation to the brain. The surgery was difficult as the child’s blood vessels were less than 1 mm. So, building the connectivity to the small vessels and increasing the blood circulation has given a re-birth to the child.

Explaining the surgery, Dr. Roopesh Kumar, Director, Institute of Neurosurgery, MGM Healthcare, said “This is one of the complex surgeries performed at MGM Healthcare. The child was unconscious when brought to MGM Healthcare. Then the team had identified that the child had Bi-lateral MoyaMoya syndrome and the blood vessels were unusually narrow which led to blockage in her blood circulation. The Child was drowsy for three days and later she was unconscious. So, we suggested a Brain Bypass surgery at the earliest to improve blood circulation in the body. The patient has completely recovered now and very much active compared to the past.”

The timely Brain Bypass surgery had rebuilt the blood circulation to the brain and the child was returning to normalcy. The peculiar challenge was the extremely narrow caliber of the child’s vessels which was less than 1mm. So, building the connectivity the small vessels and increasing the bloodcirculation has given a re-birth to the child.

Mr. Harish Manian, Group CEO, MGM Healthcare, said, “The successful outcome of this Brain By pass surgery highlights the synergy between medical expertise, advanced infrastructure. It was an inspirational and incredible journey, and it is a testament to how far our neurology department has come. It reinforces how incredible our team is when it comes to pulling together to deliver true state of-the-art care and always doing better. MGM Healthcare continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional patient care, rewriting the boundaries of medical possibility, and offering hope to those in need.”

The patient was recuperated from the surgery in two days, the healing process required about three months.


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