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MGM launches exclusive clinic for breast cancer treatment

19 Jan, 2024

MGM Cancer Institute has launched Clinic B, an exclusive clinic to provide advanced and comprehensive treatment for all breast health problems — ranging from cysts and benign lumps to tumours and reconstruction.

Inaugurated by film director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, in the presence of Urjitha Rajagopalan, Director, MGM Healthcare and MGM Cancer Institute, the clinic aims to help and support patients with any breast-related queries and to ensure awareness of comprehensive breast cancer screening.

The Clinic B — an all women unit — offers breast health early detection, seamless diagnostic services, genetic counselling, breast conservation, oncoplastic breast surgery, mastectomy with reconstruction, axillary procedures, and risk-reducing surgery, as per a release from the hospital.

“The launch of the breast care clinic aims not only to ensure that patients receive high- quality care and treatment but also to promote regular screenings and consultations, fostering early detection and encouraging others to prioritise their health,” the release quoted M.A Raja, senior consultant, Medical Oncology, Director of Oncology Services, MGM Cancer Institute.

As an inaugural package Clinic B is offering ‘Friends for Ever-Mammogram Screening Programme’ including a free doctor consultation at ₹1999 for two, valid till 29th February 2024



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