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MITRIS valve

3 Jun, 2022

Mr Kamal M, a 38-year-old teacher from Madurai, was suffering from severe breathlessness due to mitral valve failure. The constant breathlessness caused him uncomfortable breathing that hampered his daily activities. He reached out to MGM Healthcare after a lot of research and multiple consultations.This young teacher was not willing to go for a metallic valve and was looking for an option without lifelong blood thinning medications.
Speaking about the case, Dr AB Gopalamurugan, Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology, Director – TAVR & Endovascular Therapy, Director – Electrophysiology & Device Therapy at MGM Healthcare explained that considering the patient’s age and his decision not to take lifelong blood thinners, they opted for this tissue valve from USA called MITRIS valve which had not been used in India till date. This tissue valve is designed to last much longer than the conventional tissue valves, thereby allowing younger patients to undergo this procedure and maintain a normal quality of life without the need for blood thinners. The valve also allows the patient to have a second valve replaced later on in life without open heart surgery.
We are happy that the tissue valve was implanted successfully for the first time in India in the patient who is now leading a normal life.

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