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Renowned Surgeon Performs Complex Small Bowel Transplant with Air-Lifted Organ

17 Apr, 2023


Dr. Anil Vaidya, Director & Senior Consultant, Multi-visceral Transplant programme, MGM Healthcare Chennai and his team successfully completed a complex Small Bowel Transplant using Air-Lifted deceased donor-organ from Bengaluru. MGM Healthcare, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of Chennai, recently associated with Dr. Anil Vaidya, a renowned multi-visceral transplant surgeon from USA, to create a comprehensive pancreatic, intestinal, and multi-visceral transplant programme.

MGM Healthcare provides a robust clinical programme for pancreatic, intestinal, and multi-visceral transplant under the leadership of Dr. Anil Vaidya, who is a world authority in all facets of pancreatic, intestinal, and multi-visceral transplant.

Ms. Sangeetha (name changed), 46-year-old, housewife from Kerala was suffering from severe stomach pain and she visited Meitra Hospital in Kerala where she was diagnosed with an intestinal attack (Intestinal Ischemia) and she had developed partial gangrene in the large intestine a complete small intestine gangrene, hence the infected portions were removed by the experts in Kerala. She was further treated for the short gut syndrome which is a rare malabsorption disorder caused by a lack of functional small intestine. People with short bowel syndrome cannot absorb enough water, vitamins, and other nutrients from food to sustain life.

Considering her deteriorating condition Dr. Anil Vaidya and team suggested to pursue small bowel transplant. The patient was provided nutrients by TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) nutrition supplied directly into a vein (intravenous) in the form of liquid for four months, while she was on the waiting list for the organ. The organ from a deceased donor was air-lifted from Bengaluru on 3rd April and the transplant was performed on the patient. The patient is fine and will get back to her normal routine soon.

Speaking about the condition Dr. Anil Vaidya, Director & Senior Consultant, Multi-Visceral Transplant Programme, MGM Healthcare, said, “People with short gut syndrome cannot absorb enough water, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, calories, and other nutrients from food. What nutrients the small intestine has trouble absorbing depends on which section of the small intestine has been damaged or removed. When the small intestines fail, transplant is the only option. On identifying the complication level in the patient, we decided to go for a small bowel transplant.”

He further added, “Through the transplant, we replaced the shortened small bowel of the patient with a healthy donor’s Small bowel (intestine). Small bowel transplant is a life-saving surgery performed on patients with irreversible intestinal failure. It is a complex surgery and requires expertise to perform. Intestinal transplants in India will be successful when centres collaborate in the combined treatment of patients”.

Any patient with severe gastrointestinal conditions, including short bowel syndrome, obstructed intestines, stomach, pancreas, liver, intestinal, and/or kidney failure, can benefit from this comprehensive multi-visceral transplant program at MGM Healthcare Chennai.

A multi – disciplinary team at MGM Healthcare that carried out the procedure include Dr. Anil Vaidya, Dr. Thiyagarajan, Dr. Karthik Madhivanan, Dr. Senthi, Dr. Nivash, Dr. Dinesh Babu and Dr. Rohit from Meitra Hospital Kerala along with the team of skillful nurses and Physiotherapist.

About Dr. Anil Vaidya

Dr. Anil Vaidya, M.D., DNB (General Surgery), is a multi-organ transplant surgeon with a richly diverse clinical, translational, and academic portfolio. After completion of his surgical/urological residency he went on to do an American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) accredited fellowship in multi-organ transplantation at the University of Miami. He was a consultant transplant surgeon at the Oxford University Hospitals for 12 years, where his main focus was on developing a robust pancreatic, intestinal, and multi-visceral transplant program. He was responsible for restarting the intestinal transplant programme in the UK and bringing it onto the map in the intestinal transplant community by organising the International Conference for Intestinal Transplant, a biennial meeting at Oxford in 2013.

About MGM Healthcare PVT LTD

Born out of a need for altruism, MGM Healthcare is obsessed with bettering patient experiences and improving clinical outcomes through expertise, passion and technology. The manifestation of this dedication to superlative health-caring is a state-of-the-art hospital on Nelson Manickam Road having 400 beds, 50 out-patient consultation rooms, over 100 critical care beds, 250 Doctors, 12 Centers of excellence, 30 Clinical Departments, 12 state-of-the-art Operating Theatres and 24 x 7 comprehensive Emergency Care. Here, a host of eminent surgeons and physicians wield a potent combination of skill and cutting edge technology to elevate care and outcomes to new levels. MGM Healthcare is the first hospital in Asia with the highest rated USGBC LEED Platinum-certified Green Hospital.

Over the past year, the team of clinical experts at MGM Healthcare have performed many innovative and complex surgeries in the pursuit of establishing trust and clinical excellence. MGM Healthcare designed and equipped with the latest in technology and equipment is poised to drive patient centricity and clinical excellence of both the domestic and international patients.


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