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Trichy to Chennai Heart Transplant

24 Feb, 2022

Tamil Nadu has, since long, set a precedent by constructing many green corridors for heart transplants, giving life to people, regardless of caste, community, or gender. This endeavour has once again saved a life recently. A Tiruchy teenager’s cadaver donation has restored the heartbeats of a Kashmiri woman.

Shahzadi Fathima had worsening heart failure symptoms due to Restrictive Cardio Myopathy (RCM), a condition where the chambers of the heart become stiff/thick over time. She became terminally ill and her only hope of survival was immediate life-saving heart transplantation. Today, she returns home to Kashmir with a bright smile. MGM Healthcare is glad to be a part of her life-saving journey and wishes her a healthy life ahead. Our heartfelt appreciation to the donor’s family for taking this brave decision.

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