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A centre of excellence and advanced care for brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases & disorders.

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Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders at MGM Healthcare

Superior image quality with up to 50% faster MRI exams which is achieved by improving patient handling setup time at the bore with the touchless guided patient setup

Wide bore for claustrophobic patients with immersive audio-visual experience to calm them, dramatically improving patient comfort

Achieve up to 60% higher image resolution, confidently enhancing the diagnosis

3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer) is a unique, contrast-free, brain MR imaging method that addresses the need for more confident diagnosis in neuro-oncology

State-of-the-art advanced technolgies Philips Ingenia Elition 3.0T S

3 Tesla MRI machine

Perform advanced interventional procedures like aneurysm coiling, embolisation, intracranial stents and treatment of arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

ClarityIQ provides high-quality imaging for a comprehensive range of clinical procedures, achieving excellent visibility at ultra low X-ray dose levels

Full brain coverage (Cranium to Cervical) with the 15” PerfectFit Flat Detector design and PerfectFit 20” detector for superior 3D imaging

FlexSpot* enables you to efficiently view, control and manipulate all applications from a single point in the control room to boost productivity

Philips Azurion 7 B20/15

Biplane catherisation laboratory

Navigation camera with active optical technology and an arm with a wide range of motion to easily accommodate various surgical procedures and approaches Built-in LiveCam for easy positioning of the navigation camera and smart instruments

32″ HD surgeon monitor and IO tablet user interface with touch capability

Small footprint and sleek design to maximize space in the OR

Stryker NAV3i Platform

Neuronavigation system

FusionOptics unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution to create an optimal view of the surgical field

400-Watt xenon light and apochromatic optics provide a bright, sharply-focused image while Small Angle Illumination (SAI) distributes light more evenly, reducing shadows in deep, narrow cavities

Combination of compact footprint and superior overhead clearance and reach for cross-table spine set-ups, cranial and reconstructive surgery

CaptiView image injection allows the user to see the supporting visual data directly in the oculars

Leica M530 OHX

Surgical microscope

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    A consultation with our panel of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons will help you determine what kind of services you may need to help diagnose and treat your neurological condition. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle is having neuro related condition or disorder, the Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorder at MGM Healthcare is here to care for you.

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