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A centre of excellence and advanced care for brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases & disorders.

Welcome to the Department of
Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders at MGM Healthcare

The Institute of Neurosciences and Spine Disorders at MGM Healthcare works towards the common goal of enhancing the quality of life for patients who are diagnosed with a condition that affects their nervous system. In our quest to being committed to the betterment of each patient’s physical and mental health, we leverage new-age medical technology that is complemented with care and comfort like home.

The Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders at MGM Healthcare presents a unique combination of highly-experienced specialists and technologically-advanced medical infrastructure and equipment that come together seamlessly and work towards one goal — ensuring patients a better quality of life. Envisaged and driven by Dr Sridhar K, Director and Group Head, The Departments of Neuro and Spine Surgery, Neurology (Adult and Paediatric), Neuro Anaesthesiology and Neuro Critical Care, Neuro Intervention and Radiology, Neuro Behaviour and Neuro Rehabilitation work together in an integrated fashion to set the standards of comprehensive neurological care.

With the strong belief that ‘Time is Brain’ and ‘Every Second Counts’, the Comprehensive Integrated Stroke Centre (CISC) has been set-up to expertly handle even the most complex neuro situations at any hour, including the treatment and post-care of stroke and haemorrhage — two major neurological events that can affect a person’s quality of life. With a dedicated operating theatre — equipped with the latest medical technology has to offer — and a 12-bedded Neuro ICU — manned by exclusive and trained critical care specialists and nurses — the institute delivers efficient, effective and international standards of Neuro care.

Dr K Sridhar

Director and Group Head – Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders

Our team is a well-oiled machine with years of experience and expertise, backed by excellent infrastructure and research-based protocols, with specialists who work around-the-clock in an integrated manner to deliver expert care. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive care under one roof that results in improved patient diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. We have the wherewithal to handle all complex neurological emergencies and are at par with international standards.

Services Offered

24x7 expertise in handling neuro emergencies
Comprehensive Integrated Stroke Centre (CISC)
Protocol-based patient evaluation
12-bedded specialised Neuro ICU
Advanced imaging modalities enabling early diagnosis
Advanced technology for neuro-interventional procedures
State-of-the-art neurological and spine operation theatres
Neuro rehabilitation services

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    A consultation with our panel of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons will help you determine what kind of services you may need to help diagnose and treat your neurological condition. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle is having neuro related condition or disorder, the Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorder at MGM Healthcare is here to care for you.

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