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Paediatric Heart Transplantation

Heart failure management in children including Paediatric Heart transplantation

Our team is one of the few centres providing comprehensive care of children with heart failure including short and long term  mechanical circulatory support and heart transplantation. Our centre is one of the few centres to have used mechanical circulatory support as a bridge to recovery or as a bridge to heart transplantation.  We are the first to implant Berlin Heart for Paediatric age group in the country  and have used virtual reality to aid implantation of Left ventricular Assist Devices (VAD ) in children. The team has the maximum experience of Paediatric Heart transplants in the country. Myocarditis is common clinical problem and a few with severe dysfunction may need mechanical circulatory support during the period when the heart muscle is very weak, with a hope that the muscle will recover after the inflammatory process subsides. We have used ECMO and VAD  in these conditions as a bridge to recovery.