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A Journey of Hope and Healing at MGM Healthcare, Chennai

Wed, 13 Neurosurgery

Meet Mr. Abdul Karim, a 59-year-old brave soul who traveled all the way from Bahrain to MGM Healthcare, Chennai, battling a stroke compounded with thrombocytic purpura and low platelets, seeking not just medical care but a beacon of hope.

Hailing from Udupi, Karnataka, Mr. Karim’s journey was driven by a profound reason – the success story of his wife’s sister, who underwent a lung transplant at MGM Healthcare two years ago.

Mr. Karim, having personally experienced the exceptional care at MGM Healthcare, didn’t hesitate when faced with a health challenge of his own – a small stroke. Without delay, he embarked on a journey from Bahrain to Chennai, guided by trust and familiarity with MGM Healthcare’s commitment to excellence.

In his heartfelt expression of gratitude, he highlights the pivotal role played by Dr.Roopesh Kumar, Director of Neurosurgery at MGM Healthcare , a compassionate and genuine doctor who made his experience even more comforting.

At MGM Healthcare, he found more than just medical expertise; he found a friendly environment that permeates from the cleaning staff to the doctors, treating each individual with equality and respect.

The seamless experience extended beyond medical care. The hospital’s hospitality, from prompt food service offering a variety of cuisines to the caring and encouraging words from Dr. Rupesh Kumar, created an atmosphere of reassurance.

Today, two weeks post-surgery, Mr. Karim expresses his gratitude for the successful intervention, emphasizing the minimal post-surgery medication and the confidence instilled by Dr Roopesh Kumar.

This tale of healing stands as a testament to MGM Heathcare’s commitment to holistic and patient-centric healthcare, where each individual’s journey is embraced with care, compassion, and expertise.

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