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Aravind S

Thu, 17 Orthopaedics

Dr Ram Chidambaram (Senior Orthopaedic Consultant) and his fine team of surgeons, physiotherapists and coordinators took good care of my mother admitted for significant limitation of function in both her shoulders. The procedure and the post operative recovery went exactly as we were counselled, and this was only possible with the team’s meticulous care under Dr Ram’s able guidance. The anaesthesia team under Dr Nandkishore was very helpful in dealing with my mother’s pain during and after the procedure and their care and empathy deserve special mention. Thanks to the entire team; my mother is much better now with proper follow up and can function independently which has made great difference to her quality of life. I thank Dr Ram and his team for the best care given to my mother. My best wishes to all of them to help many more patients in need.

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