56 Year Old Surgery, Dr.Kailash Jain, MGM Healthcare

56 year old patient

Fri, 20 Cardiac Sciences

Dr Kailash A Jain, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Cardiothoracic Surgery, talks about an interesting and challenging cardiac surgery performed at MGM Healthcare.

A 56-year-old male with breathing difficulty who was experiencing occasional chest pain for a couple of months was brought to the team. To add to his agony, he had recently contracted COVID and had just recovered from the infection. On evaluating the patient, it was found that a part of his aorta was grossly enlarged, and the aortic valve showed severe leakage. A diagnosis of ascending aortic aneurysm with severe aortic regurgitation was made.

Dr Kailash talks about the procedure performed on him, the Bentall’s procedure. Listen to the journey of this gentleman from pain and suffering to full recovery after the surgery.

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