Ashish Padhee's Health Transformation - Patient Experience

Ashish Padhee

Tue, 17 Internal Medicine

Admitted to MGM Healthcare Chennai for treatment of Dengue. I was treated by Dr. Swamikannu Sir and his team (Photo attached is taken on my request during his last visit before my discharge). Dr. Swamikannu Sir is very minute and perfect in diagnosis of the disease. He has in-depth knowledge of the diseases, their symptoms and their treatments. Under his proper treatment I could recover very fast. The cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital is maintained up to the highest level possible. The nursing staffs were very polite and dedicated to their duty. Mr. Shiva was daily supervising the house keeping of my room and he is very particular in his duty. Overall, the cleanliness, food, service and customer treatment of the hospital is not less than any high-class hotel. The health insurance claim settlement was also done in a hassle-free manner.
The above view is independently written by me based on my personal experience during my limited period of stay at the MGM Healthcare, Chennai. In case any requirement of medical assistance at Chennai in future, MGM Healthcare will be definitely my first preference.

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